About Peter

(Licari pictured with his wife, Stephanie, and after defending his dissertation prospectus)

I’m a researcher and PhD candidate in American Politics and Political Methodology at the University of Florida. My work looks at the socially relevant stuff going on between people’s ears (attitudes, biases, cognitions, etc.), how they’re conditioned by social, media, and political forces, and how they trickle into action.

Before I was anything else, I was a writer. I began writing seriously at 16 and have never really stopped. In addition to my more formal, scientific works, I've written marketing materials, white papers, blog posts, and political analyses. These have touched on a range of topics, spanning analyses of the polls running up to the 2018 elections to an in-depth look at the rules of women's steeplechase. It's been a windy road to now, but it's helped me realize my passions: Society, science, data, and the stories they lead us to tell.

I believe that one does not truly know something until they grapple with it, play with it, then try to teach it. I have been fortunate enough to teach/lead class sections during my time at UF.  The things I always prioritize in my teaching are subject knowledge, enthusiasm, care for my students, and facilitation of learning. My passion for teaching extends to the digital realm as well. I'm also the creator of the Professor Politics YouTube channel, where I make short, biweekly videos about society and the social sciences. The channel has amassed roughly 100 videos and 8,000 subscribers since I started it. I've got no plans to slow down anytime soon.

When I’m not working, I can usually be found training for my next road race, reading, relaxing with my wife, playing with my dog, Dude, and having oddly-productive one-sided conversations with my cat, Asia.