About Peter

(Licari pictured with his wife, Stephanie, and after defending his dissertation prospectus)

Peter Licari is a PhD student at the University of Florida specializing in American Politics and Political Methodology. His primary research interests focuses, broadly, on the politically relevant things between people's ears, the factors surrounding their formation, and the ways they are expressed. His projects subsequently tend to focus around Political Behavior & Psychology, Elections, Polling, Polarization, Identity, and Opinion. He is also a political contributor for PERC360. He blogs his mostly pertinent musings at www.awildpoliticalnerd.com, publishes a web-comic titled P05 Comics, and operates the Professor Politics YouTube channel. Licari is also an avid distance runner. He can often be found training for his next marathon or other long distance event with visible alacrity. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, reading, playing video games, exploring new media with his fiancee, and engaging in oddly insightful one-sided conversations with his cat, Asia.
prlicari Student in Political Behavior and Elections

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