Publications and Working Papers

My research focuses on how various factors (media, social groups, cognitive quirks, and political structures) come together to influence a) the political stuff between our ears and b) our participation in politics and society. I am also interested in the ways that we measure those attitudes and behaviors. 90% of my work encircles those topics. 5% tangentially relates to one of those topics and the remaining 5% is because something grabbed my attention for some inexplicable reason.

 Working Papers

Academic Publications

  • Michael Binder and Peter R. Licari. 2019.“The Hispanic Vote in Florida 2016” in Florida and the 2016 Election of Donald J. Trump. Matthew T. Corrigan and Michael Binder (eds).
  • Peter R. Licari. “A Habit by Some Other Means: No Evidence of Stochastic Learning in Voting Habituation.” Florida Political Science Chronicle. Forthcoming (Working Paper Version Available)
  • Peter R. Licari and Michael P. McDonald. “Is Voting a Learned Behavior? The Transmission of Voting Norms Among Immigrants” Under Review
prlicari Student in Political Behavior and Elections

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