Data Scientist, Researcher, & Student of the Social World

Writing, visualizing, and playing with things at the intersections of data, society, and pop-culture.

Peter Licari

Peter Licari

Data Scientist

Morning Consult

I’m a political scientist by training, behavioral data scientist in practice, and a storyteller at heart. I’m currently the managing data scientist for Morning Consult’s DC operations. (My most important and cherished positions, though, are “husband” and “father”).

Most of my research, projects, and creative outputs reflect my deep, unabating fascination with political behavior, opinions, elections, social groups, and new/digital media—although I’ll often pursue other topics that manage to capture my attention. I’m passionate about sharing the science and history behind our incredible social world, connecting it to current events and pop culture, through my writing, data visualizations, and YouTube channel.

When I’m not working, I’m often reading, playing video games, training for my next road race, or overthinking about popular media. (Sometimes many at the same time).


  • Political Behavior and Opinions
  • Survey Research and Multimethod Inference
  • Writing, Video Production, and Data Visualization
  • R Programming, Social Data Science, and Data Visualization


  • PhD in Political Science, 2020

    The University of Florida

  • Masters in Political Science, 2018

    The University of Florida

  • BA in Political Science, 2014

    The University of North Florida